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Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico



Puerto Rico has been described as the "island of enchantment". You will find this enchanting island, where Old Spain meets the New World, a wonderful place to be.

Puerto Rico is the smallest of the Greater Antilles, a land of glistening, palm fringed beaches and vivid green mountains; of sun, of ancient fortresses and churches contrasting with modern factories and resort hotels.

Nowhere else will you find scenery so magnificently varied in such a small area. It is a land where sugar cane fields shimmer like green seas along its coastal plains, and whose coffee bushes rustle in the shade of orange trees on mountain sides that are as steep as upside-down icecream cones. In San Juan you will find a city surrounded by an ancient wall, the tomb of Juan Ponce de Leon, fortresses that take you back to the days when the Caribbean was swarmed with swashbuckling pirates. But while the Puerto Ricans are proud of their past, they are prouder still of their future.


Fort Buchanan, the Army s only active installation in Puerto Rico and the Antilles, was named after BG James A. Buchanan. He was the first commander of the Puerto Rican Regiment, U.S. Volunteers, formed in 1900. After defending the Canal Zone in WW I, the regiment was officially designated the 65th Infantry Regiment in 1920.

To provide the regiment with a training area, a tract of 300 acres on the south shore of San Juan Bay was obtained in 1923 and known as Camp Buchanan. It was redesignated as Ft Buchanan in 1940. During WW II, the post expanded to 1500 acres and became a general depot and induction center/training area for the Antilles command.

Currently, Ft Buchanan sits on a 746 acre lot. As a result of the Army s reorganization in 1973, Ft Buchanan became a part of Forces Command and the U.S. Army Garrison was formed. Effective 1 June 1997, Fort Buchanan became a sub-installation of U.S. Army South (USARSO).


* To plan, prepare and execute mobilization.
* To provide Base Operations support.
* To develop and execute contingency plans.
* To provide Caribbean-wide support to the Department of Defense.
* To serve as a Power Support, Power Projection Platform.
* To receive and integrate U.S. Army South.
* To support SOCSOUTH restationing.

Location: Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
- Major Command: United States Army (USARSO)

Fort Buchanan is a primary site of military services in Puerto Rico, as well as educational, recreational, community and commercial programs in support of military family members (active, reserve and retired) and the federal civilian communities. The Installation also supports some 32 federal agencies stationed in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Fort Buchanan's workforce is a mix of military and civilian employees, augmented and supported by numerous volunteers.

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NS Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico


Roosevelt Roads Naval Station is located in the eastern part of Puerto Rico in the town of Ceiba. It is approximately 35 miles east of the Luis Munoz Marin International Airport. It takes about an hour and 15 minutes to drive from the airport to Roosevelt Roads. For directions on how to get from the airport to Roosevelt Roads, see CATEGORY Installation, SUBJECT AREA, Must Know Items.

Effective 5 October 99 a GOVAIR B727 CAT B AMC mission flight operating to/from Roosevelt Roads departs from Norfolk every Tuesday. The routing is as follows:

1135(L) GUANTANAMO BAY 1325(L)

Effective immediately, this AMC flight will be the first choice for all PCS personnel departing Roosevelt Roads and for TAD personnel, if the flight meets mission requirements, in accordance with OPNAVINST 4650.15. Detachments/transfer dates should be adjusted to ensure maximum utilization of this AMC flight each Tuesday. This AMC flight is a civilian contracted B727 with 190-seat capacity. It has all the amenities of any other commercial flight and allows for greater convenience as it will arrive at and depart from NAVSTA Roosevelt Roads.

The mission of the Naval Station is to maintain and operate facilities that support the fleet. It is a primary training area for ships, aircraft and Marine units of the US Atlantic fleet and allied forces. Roosevelt Roads provides support to 39 tenant commands.

Population assigned-served..:8,220
Active Duty ............... : 2,325
Family Members............. : 2,274
Civilian Employees......... : 4,696
Reserve Component ......... : 1,215
Telephone Access(Base Operator): (787)865-2000/DSN:831-2000


The station was first commissioned as a U. S. Naval Operations Base in 1943. Over the next 14 years, the base closed seven times and was reopened eight. In 1957 it was redesignated as a Naval Station. It has grown over the years to include acquisition of the Army's Fort Bundy which now comprises the southern portion of the Naval Station and an additional 29,000 acres of land on Vieques Island. Presently, various naval facilities are spread over the entire eight thousand acres which comprises the Naval Station complex. Naval Station Roosevelt Roads continues to be a major training site for fleet exercises. Our watch words are "Service to the Fleet".